Every Child Flourishing

Our aim at St Mary’s is for every child to flourish.  We strive to create the conditions for staff flourishing, for family flourishing and for community flourishing so that the children of St Mary’s are well rounded with individual areas of expertise and choices open to them for the next phase of their education.

What are we aiming for and what are our values?

Our Aim: for every child to flourish

How do we pursue knowledge?

We value the pursuit of knowledge, doing the right thing and leadership and team work.  We encourage children and staff to pursue knowledge at every opportunity and this is best done through talking, listening and reading.

How do we do the right thing?

Our value of doing the right thing relates to the decisions that every child and adult makes each day.  We encourage everyone to do the right thing, even if it is difficult.  Our rules relate to our value of doing the right thing too: be readybe respectful and be safe.

What do leaders and team players do?

Our value of leadership and teamwork helps us to develop future leaders and teach children to work effectively in a team.  To realise this value, we encourage children to adopt the habits of protection – leaders stand up for others who may not have a voice; inclusion – leaders go out of their way to include others who find themselves on the periphery; and service – leaders do things for others to make their lives a little easier.

Our aim and values set the tone for our vision which includes:

  • Offering a world class experience
  • Creating a calm and purposeful environment
  • Developing a skilled workforce and high performing culture
  • Addressing underachievement
  • Providing the right support at the right time for families
  • Developing leaders

As a Church of England school, our distinctive set of Christian values are embedded throughout all areas of our school:

  • Love
  • Respect
  • Forgiveness
  • Responsibility

They can be seen explicitly through the life of the school.

Visits to St Mary’s are warmly welcomed and we look forward to seeing you in school.



St Mary’s Academy Trust is a family of schools founded upon our key values, delivering educational excellence in order that each child thrives within our safe and nurturing environment.

The values of the Trust determine our approach to our community and stakeholders

Educational Excellence is delivered through a broad and challenging curriculum which feeds the children’s aspirations, ensuring that they leave us with an embedded life-long thirst for learning and the tools to maximise their future potential.

Care is at the forefront of everything we do. Within SMAT we care by protecting and nurturing children, supporting parents and families, developing staff and maintaining an active role within the Community.

Collaboration is fundamental to our success as we acknowledge the ever increasing wealth of experience, best practice and skill within St. Mary’s Trust and ensure it is applied for the benefit of all. We identify ways to continually expand our links with the Community to provide new sources of skills and opportunity.

Integrity and Respect, underpinned by our Christian Values, are embodied in our ethos. Our staff, children and parents are treated considerately, fairly and consistently; always with due concern for their individual cultural, emotional and religious background.

Robust Governance systems which ensure that responsibilities are clear, allow us to challenge, evaluate and warrant that all funds and resources are applied in a manner which optimises value for money. Building a strong, sustainable self evaluation and evolving business foundation, transparently disseminating public funds for the benefit of our children, today and the foreseeable future.