Our own Prayers

We have spent some time this week writing our own prayers to put with our prayer tree. We thought of all the things we are thankful for and asked for help for people who need it.

We learnt all about Diwali in Reception this term

We made Diva lamps using clay to celebrate the Festival of Lights. We listened very carefully to the story of Rama and Sita to find out more about the history of the celebration and looked at some similarities and differences between cultures. We experimented with Rangoli patterns in Maths and were able to complete a repeating pattern using 2D shapes.

Year 5’s own Collective Worship

Year 5 were responsible for Collective Worship today all about Harvest. We spoke to the rest of the school all about Harvest from different parts of the world. Miss Ryan helped us to plan it but we did all the talking! We were a little nervous but we think it went really well!