Dinosaur Egg Hunt

We linked our Maths work to our topic ‘Jurassic Park’ when looking at direction. We had to go on a dinosaur egg hunt in order to get the eggs back. In order to do this, we needed to use our knowledge of turning different degrees and knowing the meaning of clockwise and anticlockwise.

Number Bonds!

We have enjoyed learning the number bonds to 10. Everyone has worked incredibly hard and has used lots of different methods to support their learning.

We love learning outdoors just as much as inside!

Reception were doing lots of role playing using resources to pretend they were working in a shop so we made one outside. It has been a fantastic addition to promote communication and language, people and communities and social development. Our shopkeepers have also been learning about money and counting items their customers are buying.

We enjoyed using our outdoor space for learning and went on a search to find materials to make our own stick men.

As we finished our topic Leaf Man, a lot of us made links to the story of Stick Man. Wherever possible we follow children’s interests to choose our topics so we changed our plans to fit Stick Man in!

In Maths, we looked at ordering the stick family by length and experimented with different measuring techniques. We enjoyed reading the story as a class and produced some amazing writing and story boards in Literacy.