Year 6

We are Year 6 and our teachers is Mr Kilner..



We also have Mrs Utley who helps us. We are a class that loves to work hard but also have lots of fun. We understand that this year is really important but we also get lots of benefits: jobs around school, a show at the end of the year and a residential in October.

What a brilliant start to Year 6 we have had. We have already done lots of work and all our teachers are impressed with our fantastic attitudes.  We are currently working on our ‘Taste of Britain’ topic which covers many areas of the curriculum. As part of this we are looking at the work of Shakespeare with a focus on ‘Hamlet’. We will look at the story and complete a variety of tasks which will help us with our English skills.

World War 2

As part of our WW2 topic, we went to see an Anne Frank exhibition at Barnsley Library. We were...

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Eden Camp

We visited Eden Camp to learn all about WW2 for our topic. We had a brilliant time and asked lots...

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