At St Mary’s Church of England Primary School we have designed a bespoke, intentionally sequenced curriculum with clear, well understood end points in order to meet the needs, interests and ambitions of our children and their families. Our curriculum is planned to ensure all children have the opportunity to build their vocabulary, knowledge and skills in all subjects so that they reflect thoughtfully, learn eagerly and apply these wisely. Underpinning our curriculum are the following key drivers:


Communication is key to the development of a child’s learning and thinking, social and emotional wellbeing and self-belief in the power and influence of their own voice. The primary aim of our curriculum is that our children develop the necessary skills to communicate effectively their thoughts, ideas and feelings as well as knowing how to speak and listen with respect in a variety of different situations and contexts.


Opportunities for all children to read well and widely permeates our curriculum. This is because we curate the best literature for our pupils, we plan intentionally high quality cross curricular texts and we are ambitious for the vocabulary our children should know, understand and use. We firmly believe reading broadens children’s horizons, develops their imagination and provides them with a rich vocabulary. We believe reading is a vital life skill that will carry our children through their primary years and prepare them for lifelong learning.

As a Church of England school, our distinctive set of Christian values are embedded throughout all areas of our school:

They can be seen explicitly through the life of the school.

Our ambitious and rich provision, with well-planned experiences, in and beyond our subject curriculum ensure both academic and personal success for all children.

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