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Download our Governor Handbook for an overview of the Governing Body and being a Governor at St. Mary’s C.E. Primary school.

All schools in England have a Governing Body which is responsible for overseeing many of the strategic decisions of the school. A key role is to act as a ‘critical friend’: to support, to challenge, to ask questions, ultimately to represent the school community.

The Governing Body works in close partnership with the Headteacher, staff and the Trust. Whilst the Headteacher is, of course, responsible for the day to day running of the school, the governors are involved with such things as staffing, curriculum, school buildings and finance. It ensures the school functions well and maintains the proper range of academic and social objectives. At St. Mary’s the Governing Body also works to ensure that the Christian ethos of the school is upheld.

Who are we?

The Governing Body consists of:

Mr Lee Spencer – Headteacher (ex – officio)

Ms Lynn Greenfield – Chair Person (expires 18/11/20)

Ian Simpson – Vice Chair and Trust Governor (expires 31/08/21

Aimee Kite – Trust Governor (expires 11/06/2022

Barbara Cooper – Trust Governor (expires 12/03/21)



We currently have two vacancies – one parent and one Trust.

The standard term of office is 4 years. The chair and vice-chair are elected annually at the first meeting of the academic year.

The chair of governors is Lynn Greenfield, who can be contacted via the school office of directly via e-mail at l.greenfield@smat.org.uk.

The Governing Body meets six times each year. They discuss all aspects of the school – finance, buildings, staffing, curriculum, health and safety, safeguarding etc.

Each class has a named governor, who meets regularly with the teacher and comes into lessons to get an oversight of the school day in their class. This gives them an opportunity to see, in practice, the things discussed at the governing body meetings.

Governing Body meetings are also attended by the Assistant Headteacher, as an observer.  Other staff attend the meetings when appropriate e.g. subject leaders explaining development in the curriculum area.

Join in

All governors to a school’s Governing Body must be elected or appointed. If you want to be part of St. Mary’s C.E. Primary schools Governing Body please enquire about any vacancies. Contact Lynn Greenfield, the Chair, or Lee Spencer, the headteacher.


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