Mini Beast Hunt

We have been out into the Science Garden and into the allotment to find minibeasts! We wanted to see where different mini beasts were living and talk about the conditions they need to survive.

Trip to Yorkshire Wildlife Park

Last week we visited Yorkshire Wildlife Park to learn all about different animals and their habitats. We saw some amazing animals like lions, tigers and even a polar bear! We had a workshop and leant so much!

We got messy outside investigating inside a pumpkin.

They had been in our mud kitchen throughout the week when one started to crack, this lead to some fantastic child initiated learning. We used magnifying glasses to have a closer look at the seeds and decided to plant them in our small world area. Some of us used books and iPads to learn more about how we could help them grow. We then wrote down some predictions about what we think will happen, we shall wait and see!

Year 4 are learning about the digestive system….

We have started this topic by learning about the teeth first. We looked at the different types of teeth and their functions and why it is important to take good care of them. To investigate what happens when teeth are exposed to certain substances over a period of time, we carried out an experiment using eggs. The shell of the egg acted as the enamel of the teeth. We used: coca cola, energy drinks, fruit juice, coffee, vinegar and water. We were amazed by the results and it has really made us think about the importance of looking after our teeth!


Year 3 have been learning about shadows and how shadows can change size. We used our Tutankhamun puppet to test how the shadow changed size when the light source was moved closer and further away.