Horizon Community College…

We loved the annual #BSW2024 show at Horizon Community College.  This year it was “Scientific Discoveries Through Time”. Thank you for the opportunity. #stemlearning


Pupils in Year Five recalled everything they knew about forces before we looked at the new content they would be learning. Lots of knowledge already. Great long term memory skills Year Five.

Scientific investigation

Year 3, have completed a scientific investigation into how shadows are formed and investigated the impact of distance to object from light source on the size of the shadow.


Year Four, are ending their science unit on sound with an essay to show their knowledge built up over the unit. Mrs Copley, our science lead, has loved hearing hour enthusiastic the pupils are and how much they have remembered.

The Linnaean classification system

Year Six have been learning about classifying using the Linnaean classification system in our new topic ‘Living Things and Their Habitats’. They have learnt new vocabulary and have spent some time looking at our new knowledge organiser. Please spend time looking at this with your child at home.

Horizon Secondary School…

Year Four went to Horizon Secondary School today to take part in an electricity lesson to support their understanding of our new science unit. The pupils got to use a range of resources and make their own circuits. We will be going back again later in the year to take part in another lesson.

Animal Adaptions

After some retrieval practice to start the lesson, we have been learning about animal adaptations in science today. Our key pieces of vocabulary were habitat, camouflage and adapted.  The children did a great job of using these in their explanations.

Our welly walk

Today, our Year Ones went on a welly walk to explore our beautiful grounds and look for signs of autumn. They collected lots of nature along the way to create some fantastic art. They finished the morning with some hot vimto before writing about their experience.

A geology visits…

Today, Year Three, we were lucky to be joined by Richard, a geologist with @STEMAmbassadors who is helping develop our science knowledge about rocks and fossils. A fantastic insight into his job and a chance to learn from a stem expert.