In computing, in Year Six, we looked at variables using the micro:bits. We made a counter which counted up when button A was pressed and counted down when button B was pressed. Next lesson we will limit the numbers by adding a condition to the code. Year Six showed a great understanding.

Our new computing topic…

We were very excited to start our new computing topic in Year Six using microbits. We used an emulator to test code and we are looking forward to transferring our programs to the devices in the next lesson.


Today, in computing, we have been creating our own branching database in Year Three using yes/no questions to sort items. I am very impressed with the children’s understanding.

Using spreadsheets../

Working in groups and gathering data using a dice, Year 6 have been learning about how to organise information using spreadsheets. We learnt the words ‘rows’ and ‘columns’ and inputted data using heading to organise information we had gathered.


In computing we were introduced to spreadsheets and how they help to organise information. At first we rolled a dice and then recorded in any way we chose. We discussed how to arrange this better. Using a spreadsheet we added rows and columns.

Keyboard skills

This afternoon, Year One developed their keyboard skills on the Chromebooks: they had to draw themselves then write a sentence.

They were all so happy with their end piece of work.

Looking inside the code…

Year 6 have been ‘remixing’ a scratch project by looking inside the code and understanding what each instruction performs. The class then had a lot of fun changing some of the code to see the changes this would make. There were some amazing results!

Year 6 learnt about how data is sent in packets.

This is so that computers can send large files to each other. We learnt about how the data has to have a from and a to address much like an address on a letter, and the packet is like what the envelope contains. Year 6 carried out a practical task to understand what it is like for a computer to send information.