Here you can find some useful resources to help you support your child’s learning.

Foundation Stage
Early Childhood Education Network
Counting Caterpillar
Alphabet Antics
Letters and Sounds – Phonics support and games
Phonics – How to pronounce the phonemes video
BBC Magic Key
BBC Newsround
BBC KS1 bitesize
BBC Scotland KS1 bitesize
TES iboard KS1
BBC Digger and the gang (ages 5-7)
Oxford Owl website for reading and maths
BBC KS2 bitesize
BBC Scotland KS2 bitesize
BBC Newsround
TES iboard KS2 (ages 7-9)
TES iboard KS2 (ages 9-11)
Primary Resources
BBC Digger and the gang (ages 7-9)
BBC Digger and the gang (ages 9-11)
BBC Schools History
BBC Famous People
BBC Science
Encyclopaedia for kids
Encyclopaedia Britannica kids