Traditional Tales

For our topic of Traditional Tales this week our story focus was The Gingerbread Man. We designed our Gingerbread Men and used our Phonics knowledge to write our shopping list of the ingredients we would need. We then all had a go at weighing, mixing and cutting out the dough. Once they were baked we decorated them and they seemed to all disappear before the end of the day…!

Jamie Oliver

In Literacy, Year 3 have been looking at instructions. We used Jamie Oliver’s cookery videos to inspire us to write a set of instructions on how to make the perfect Spaghetti Bolognese.

We even sent them to Jamie Oliver!
We can’t wait to see if we get a reply!

We have gone poetry mad!

Year 5 have been identifying and highlighting the different features of Limerick poems. Now we know what they are and what they sound like we can write our own!

Year 2 visit the new library

We have had a brilliant day visiting Barnsley’s new library. It was an amazing space where we could chill out and read a new book. We all looked at a new book by an author we had never herd of before. We all know how to borrow books from the library now as well.

We love learning outdoors just as much as inside!

Reception were doing lots of role playing using resources to pretend they were working in a shop so we made one outside. It has been a fantastic addition to promote communication and language, people and communities and social development. Our shopkeepers have also been learning about money and counting items their customers are buying.

We enjoyed using our outdoor space for learning and went on a search to find materials to make our own stick men.

As we finished our topic Leaf Man, a lot of us made links to the story of Stick Man. Wherever possible we follow children’s interests to choose our topics so we changed our plans to fit Stick Man in!

In Maths, we looked at ordering the stick family by length and experimented with different measuring techniques. We enjoyed reading the story as a class and produced some amazing writing and story boards in Literacy.

Phonics and Dough Disco

We are always working hard at practising our writing and fine motor skills in Reception. We enjoy our daily Phonics sessions along with dough disco and writing challenges indoors and outside. This year we have introduced our ‘Big Write’ on a Friday where we all write together on a big roll of paper all the sounds and tricky words we can remember from Phonics. We have made some amazing progress already in our Reading and Writing with some of us writing sentences already!


Reading : Twitter Challenge in Y3

In reading, Year 3 have completed their twitter challenge! We needed to summarise our paragraph of text into shorter and shorter sentences until we ended up with one word to summarise the whole paragraph.
We were all very determined!