Religious Education at St. Mary’s

RE Syllabus 2019-2020

As a church school, Religious Education is an integral part of the school curriculum.  We use the Understanding Christianity documentation for our Core Christian teaching.  This follows a comprehensive structurenderstanding of various themes such as the Kingdom of God, Gospel and Creation.  They also follow a developmental approach to the teaching of Salvation (Easter) and Incarnation (Christmas) which develops their theological understanding of these key Christian festivals.

We use the Leeds Diocesan Syllabus for Religious Education for the teaching of multifaith religions. Alongside Christianity, in Key Stage One, our pupils learn about Judaism and Hinduism.  In Key Stage Two additional work is carried out about Hinduism as well as work on Islam.

In addition to this work, we teach our pupils wider concepts in Religious Education.  This includes opportunities for the children to address such questions as Why is Pilgrimage important? Why do some people believe in God and some people do not?